My Honor Society™ Management System

The My Honor Society™ Management System offers a very easy pricing structure. There are no restrictions on the size of your membership database, the number of chapters you have, or the number of users that are allowed to use the system. Instead, we charge based on the number of individuals who use the system to accept invitations to your society plus the number of members who join or renew your active alumni program, if you have one.

If your society has less than 7,000 inductees and alumni join or renew each year, then a flat-rate of $6,000/year will be charged to you in 4 quarterly invoices of $1,500.

For societies larger than 7,000 annual inductees, a fee of $0.90 per inductee who has joined your society or per member who joins or renews your active alumni program will be assessed. You will be invoiced quarterly for the activity in the preceding quarter.

Upgrades and Tier Two support* are included in the per member price. You will never pay for an upgrade. We request that the national office provide the first contact for initial, basic technical support for chapters and members. If the national office can not resolve an issue, then we will assist the national office with support, and if needed, contact the chapter or member to address the issue.

*Tier One support is the initial support level responsible for basic customer issues. That would typically be to your national office because a large percentage of the time, support call are administrative in nature, not technical. If a technical issue is occurring and your staff needs further assistance in resolving the issue, your support request can be forward to our technical staff for a prompt response.

Customizable Modules

If there is a feature or module that you need, our project managers will communicate with you and your staff to ensure a thorough understanding of the needs of your organization. If it is determined that your need would be beneficial to a majority of the societies, then the feature will be included as an upgrade at no charge. If the module is very specific to your organization, then a design document will be prepared that outlines the scope of the module and any additional charges that would be incurred for the development of the custom module.

Data Migration

When you are ready to move to the My Honor Society™ Management System we will help you by migrating your existing data into the My Honor Society™ Management System. Your organization will provide our staff with a copy of your database. Our database migration experts will analyze that information and prepare a quote for migrating the data based on the complexity of the migration. Migrations fees start as low as $2,500.